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Frequent questions

Some answers to the first questions that may arise about our services

 What are your services? 

We have two types of services:Fullpackage and By processes.

  • The serviceFullpackage It includes all the management for the preparation of your collection. Includes the processes ofProduct Development, Purchase of materials, Cutting, Preparation, FinishingandDispatch. It is our main service.

  • The serviceby processes In principle it is very similar to fullpackage, however it does not consider thePurchase of materials. In this service you give us the fabric and we take care of the rest.

 What is the minimum quantity of units required to start an order? 

  • We work from 80 units if it is a single model. From 2 to more models our minimum is 35 units. However, we are always open to knowing your requirements and offering the best option for your developments.

 What are the customer service hours? 

  • Of Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (by appointment). It can be in person (in the workshop) or virtually (via Meet).

 Do you include printing and embroidery services in your products? 

  • Of course! Within our services we manage the printing and embroidery processes, these are worked on by our partners in the industry.

 Is the minimum quantity of units the same for printed garments? 

  • Is different. When it comes to printed garments we work from 50 units per print design.

 What garments can they make? 

  • We work on a wide range of garments in flat and knitted fabrics. We make blouses, dresses, hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, boxers, skirts, jumpsuits, shorts, bodysuits, pants, sweatshirts, tops, etc. 

 What items don't work? 

  • At the moment we do not work with denim or leather garments. We also do not make hand-woven garments, lingerie, bikinis, wedding dresses, tailoring and sportswear.

 Do you offer advice during the process? 

  • Of course! Throughout the manufacturing process we provide you with the necessary advice so that you can make the best decisions for your collection.

 How are payments made? 

  • Each project is divided into two equal 50% payments.The first is donebefore startingproduction, once the sample has been approved and the manufacturing of the collection begins. The second payment is made oncethe products are ready to be dispatched.

  • All products are shipped after payment of the remaining fee.

 Why work with Leomartex? 

  • We have been in the industrial manufacturing of clothing for more than 15 years, maintaining aunwavering commitment to quality. Our reputation is based on the guarantee of aExport level finish on each garment that we produce.

 How can I start working with you? 

  • You can contact us by our numberWhatsApp or by emailand we will guide you through the sales process.

Didn't you find the answer to your questions??
We invite you to put yourself in contact with us so we can help you better :)

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