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We take care of everything, from start to finish

Our mission

Our purpose is to offer industrial clothing solutions to clothing brands in Peru and the world.

We take care of all the management for the manufacturing of clothing
to Peruvian and foreign brands, so that they can develop their collections effectively and thus achieve
Neat and quality finishes.



Our vision

We want to become a clothing workshop recognized for offering fair and decent work opportunities for more Peruvians.

The Peruvian fashion industry is made up of thousands of companies, the vast majority MSMEs that strive to survive and get ahead. Consequently, our industry is susceptible to informal practices and processes.
We want to make it a better place
and we decided to start little by little: for us.

Our history

About us?

In 2008 Leomartex was born as an opportunity for the economic growth of several families who were dedicated to clothing.
In 2020, within a global crisis, Leomartex embarks on a path of transformation and evolution to be able to respond to the demanding, changing and competitive world in which we live.

We have been serving brands of wide national and international recognition for more than 10 years and since 2020 we have supported entrepreneurs with great development potential to together strengthen our industry.

The people behind your clothes

Who is behind the garments we work on? 

Our Leomartex Teachers are the people in charge of designing, making and guaranteeing the quality of each garment we work with. Thanks to their work, our products are differentiated by their standardization and attention to detail.

Do you want to know more about our workshop and our experience?
Get in contact with usyes:)

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